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        ABACHEM is a high-tech company in the life science area which could do R&D, production and sales all by us. ABACHEM was started in Jan. 2006; finished the reform of joint-stock system in Feb. 2010; became a public listed company in Shenzhen stock market and got into the capital market in Sep. 2011. Head quartered in Shanghai, has 3 production sites located in Taicang, Rudong and Yancheng; 3 R&D centers located in Zhangjiang Shanghai, Songjiang Shanghai and Huzhou Zhejiang.

      new drugs and new agrochemicals

        ABACHEM has a idea of popularizing the concept of “new drugs and new agrochemicals”. We devote ourselves into the development of agrochemical products which are efficient, hypotoxicity and low residue, and pharmaceutical products which are advanced and efficient. Based on the broad business vision, leading R&D platform and well organized production, ABA CHEM is now catching up with the cutting-edge of the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industry. New products are being developed and commercialized smoothly, and our key products are produced through the most advanced processes.

      Our company has the international high-end custom service

        Joining the industry chain of the pharmaceutical and agrochemical business is our vision since we started in 2006. With this vision, we established our strategic plan which is cooperating with multinational corporations. After years of hard working, we have passed many audits and became their strategic suppliers. And, our high-quality customer research and manufacture services (CRAMS) are well recognized by our customers

      “Maximize human creativity” is our company’s slogan.

        “Maximize human creativity” is our company’s slogan. ABACHEM is a technical driven company which has a young, stable and experienced core R&D team. Our goal is to be the leader of the chiral chemistry, heterocyclic chemistry and biocatalyst both in China and all over the world. Respecting the intellectual property is a consistent aim of ABACHEM, and it’s also required by our slogan “Maximize human creativity”. Keeping the secret for both ourselves and our customers is our basic policy.

      Could become a leading chemical manufacturing company

        Being supported by the capital market, we are aiming for a better growing facing the changes and opportunities in the chemical and pharmaceutical business area. In the meantime, we’ll strengthen the development for advanced intermediates. Firstly, we’ll increase the investment in the R&D work. Secondly, we’ll speed up the corporation with the customers. We’ll continuously upgrading the ability for the management, and put more products that have large market volume, high technology and high added value to the international market. We hope we could become a leading chemical manufacturing company, and bring a development to the environmental and human life.

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