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      ABA Chemicals To develop environmental technology as a philosophy, long-term commitment to the synthesis of chiral and heterocyclic chemical technology and the accumulation and innovation, and independent development of non natural amino acids, heterocyclic aromatic template,
      And pharmaceutical, pesticide intermediates, and a series of products. And has Taicang, Rudong, coastal and other production bases for large-scale, commercial production.


      ABA Chemicals Corporation

      ABA CHEM specializes in providing high-quality customer services in life science area, and we are willing to be one of the
      best customer service providers in the life science field worldwide.

      Taicang site, one of the key production sites of ABA CHEM, located in the Port development zone of Taicang port. It’s only 45
      kilometers away from Shanghai City. We could provide Contract Research and Contract Manufacturing services from gram scale,
      kilogram scale to metric ton scale here. And, the transform from pilot scale to commercial scale is very smoothly.

      The R&D department and the production facilities offer products and services from early stage to commercial stage.

      A GMP complied multi functional pilot workshop

      Working temperature: -70℃ ~250℃

      Over 30 experienced chemical technicians

      Reactor volumes: 100L~ 2000L

      Working pressure: -0.1MPa ~ 10MPa

      Experienced in providing complete Campaign

      We have both multi functional workshops and the dedicated workshops, and they are separated

      Total reactor volume: 630 m3

      Reactor sizes: 500 L~8000L

      Reactor type: GL, SS (304 and 316L)

      Working pressure: -0.1MPa ~ 9.8MPa(2000L hydrogenation reactor)

      Working temperature: -20℃ ~250℃

      Efficient and low energy cost waste water treatment facilities and state-of art treating process in place. Daily capacity is 500 MT

      Well prepared utilities (compress are, liquid nitrogen, steam)

      Experienced in providing complete Campaign Report

      A symmetric hydrogenation

      Chiral resolution


      Low temperature reaction

      Friedel-Crafts reaction

      High pressure hydrogenation

      Enzyme catalytic reaction

      Microbial reaction

      Fermentation technology

      Ozonization reaction

      Rectifying tower group

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