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      ABA CHEM has an idea of developing environmental friendly technologies for chemical production. Following this idea, we work on the chiral chemistry and heterocyclic chemistry continuously, and we have developed a series of products including unnatural amino acid, heterocyclic aromatic products, pharmaceutical intermediates, agrochemical intermediates and biocatalysts (enzymes) all by ourselves.Before the acquisition with Puyi Chem, ABACHEM had 2 R&D centers located in Zhangjiang High-tech Park, adjacent to the R&D buildings of GSK, Roche and AZ. And, there’s another process R&D lab in Taicang production site. The GMP complied GMP pilot workshop could offer contract services from grams scale, kilograms scale to metric tons scale. After the acquisition, ABA CHEM got two more R&D centers in Songjiang Shanghai, and Huzhou, Zhejiang. The Songjiang R&D center has a floor area of 1000 m2, and has many intermediate synthesis labs which are supported by analysis equipments. In here, we could offer route selection, process development, pilot trial and specification validation.The Huzhou R&D center is dedicated for the development of biocatalyst and enzyme selection. Working dedicatedly on the gene clone, gene expression, gene modification, fermentation, enzyme separation, enzyme catalyzed reaction and enzyme immobilization, we have gained a lot of experiences in this area, and trained a group of experts. Beside of that, ABACHEM built a united chiral compound development platform together with SIOC. This could help the two sides have better development sources, cheaper raw materials and stronger industrialization ability.
      NMR GC-MS
      Mettler Toledo Electric Titration Apparatus Mettler Toledo KF Titrators & Moisture Analyzers
      Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) Advanced Reactive System Screening Tool (ARSST)
      Precision Electronic Balance Spectropolarimeter
      Agilent HPLCs & GCs Prep. HPLCs
      AB 4000 QTRAP? LC/MS/MS System  

      R&D Team

      ABACHEM is focused on the research and development in the area of new drugs and new agrochemicals. We have a R&D Team with high educated and experienced people, and we have corporation with SIOC. The R&D capability is strong: we have Suzhou Chiral drugs development center, Songjiang Pharmaceutical intermediates development center, Huzhou biocatalyst development center. We are leading in the chiral chemistry, heterocyclic chemistry area and the biocatalyst.
      Chemical R&D Division
      Process research group's main responsibility is related information according to the information provided, the production route for development and screening, and comparison of the production process is completed in the laboratory to produce target products, determine the optimum route.
      Process R&D Division
      Process optimization of the main responsibility is of multiple angles according to the technology research and development group to provide alternative processing route, from the point of view of the production scale, involved in the production of raw materials selection, production cost control, production equipment, environmental protection, health and safety of the production process was optimized.
      Analytical Support Division
      Process analysis of the main responsibility is in process development and process optimization development of whole process monitoring process route, screening, optimization process, ensure throughout the development process of environmental, health, safety and detection of target product quality, and timely feedback information communicated to the R & D projects related group.


      We provide a wide range of R&D services, and we could help to increase the development efficiency without adding extra cost.
      • ① Screening of synthetic routes
      • ② Continuous process optimization
      • ③ Process scale-up verification
      • ④ Preparation of standard sample
      • ⑤ Preparation of impurities
      • ⑥ Process safety and risk assessment
      • ⑦ Provide the English project report
      • ⑧ Organize regular telephone conference with customers

      Chiral technology

      asymmetric hydrogenation、asymmetric oxidation、asymmetric hydrocyanation、Chiral separation and racemization

      Biological technology

      enzymic catalytic reaction、microbial reaction、fermentation、genetic engineering, protein engineering, immobilized enzyme / microorganism

      Synthesis of Heterocyclic compounds

      Thiozole, Oxazole, Benzoimidazole, Tetrazole, Quinolinone, Pyrimidine, Aza-indoles, Triazoles, Pyrazoles

      Reaction type

      High-pressure hydrogenation: pressure range: room pressure~100atm,Catalyst application:Rhodium Complex, Ruthenium Complex, Iridium Complex, Manganese Complex, Palladium, Nickel, Cobalt, Platinum,High temperature and low temperature reaction :-70°C ~ +250°C,specific reaction: grignard reaction, Friedel-Crafts reaction, Diazotization, Cyanation etc,Application of hazardous chemicals : dimethyl sulfate, sodium azide, bromine, sodium cyanide, sodium amide, butyllithium etc.
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